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These are just a few of the hundreds of Amazon sellers that 
have successfully sold their accounts to us.

Mike W.

Sold his Amazon account 
for $1,000

Norris B.

Sold his Amazon account 
for $4,000

Trish M.

Sold her Amazon account 
for $1,000


Is it legal to sell my Amazon seller account?
Yes, it is 100% legal and legitimate. You are essentially selling your business, which includes the transfer of your seller account. Businesses are bought and sold every day, mostly profitable ones. Amazon businesses are unique in that you can sell a non profitable one, unlike all other businesses.
Is it safe to sell my Amazon seller account?
Yes, it is 100% safe and secure if you use the form above. We work with 3 investors/brokers that we have fully vetted that will buy your account. They usually send your payment up front via PayPal, which protects both parties. We have referred hundreds of Amazon sellers that have successfully sold their accounts/businesses to them. There is absolutely no risk to you.
What happens to my sensitive information on the account?
You will be provided with new personal, business and financial information to replace yours with. This ensures that no one sees any of the sensitive information on your account and all of it is removed before transferring it over to the buyer.
How much is my seller account/business worth?
There are several factors that affect the value so we recommend using the button above to submit your information. You will be sent a cash offer within 24 hours of submission by email or text so there is no obligation or need to speak with anyone. 

However, the 2 primary factors that determine the value are the age of the account and how many lifetime seller feedback ratings your Amazon store has. Factors such as the number of brands your account is ungated for, gross sales and brand registry do not influence the value. 

On average, it can be worth anywhere from a few hundred dollars for newer accounts with little to no feedback or several thousand dollars for older accounts with a large number of feedbacks. A worst case is usually around $300-$500 and a best case is typically around $7,000. 

If you are expecting more than $7,000, you should not explore this option as that would be a best case scenario and very few accounts fall into that valuation. You won't find a legitimate broker/investor that will offer you more than that. Most accounts fall somewhere in the middle of this range.
Can I still sell if I lost money selling on Amazon or haven't used the account in years?
Yes, as long as you can still login to your account and it isn't suspended, it is valuable and you should submit the form above for an offer. 
How long does the process take?
If you respond to all communications and submit the requested information quickly, you can get paid within 24-48 hours. In some cases it can take 3-5 days but it is usually dependent on you.
Is selling my Amazon seller account/business right for me?
That depends on your Amazon business's performance.

If your annual net profits for the last 12 months were $10,000 or more, you should contact us using the email address at the top of this page so we can refer you to a business broker that can help you sell your business. That is a much better option for you. 

If those profits were less than $10,000, you should submit the form above, find out how much it is worth, and choose the option that seems best. It may or may not be a good fit for you depending on your annual net profits versus the value of your account/business. 

If your profits were less than $1,000, you lost money selling on Amazon, or it has been more than one year since you have made any profit selling on Amazon, then selling your account/business using the form above is your best option, unless you plan to keep it and try to make it work. 

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